Subcontractors / Suppliers

We bid on numerous projects and frequently invite subcontractors to provide pricing.  Invitations may be by phone, fax (example below), or e-mail (example below).  Invitations are typically sent by the estimator/project manager handling the project.  Invitation responses should be sent back to the estimator/project manager by phone, fax, or e-mail.  Invitation responses, as well as unsolicited bids, can also be sent back to SWA in general by phone (319) 338-3666, fax (319) 338-9559, or e-mail (

If you are contacting us regarding new products or services, introducing your company, looking for a partnership, or other cooperative relationship, please feel free to call (319) 338-3666, fax (319) 338-9559, or e-mail (