Once a contract has been awarded to SWA from the owner, we begin to process subcontracts and purchase orders.  The awarded subcontracts and purchase orders may vary from the bid proposals submitted to SWA.  Any variances are typically due to owner selections of bid alternates, but may include other factors such as multiple subcontractors providing the same services, or other factors.  Often, these differences will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the issuance of a subcontract or purchase order.  Performance of work, changes, project schedule, and any other contractual issues are per plans and specifications for the project, or per the contract terms.

Subcontracts are typically issued on a Consensus Docs format.  Invoicing to SWA is typically per AIA format according to most project specifications.  Other contract and invoicing formats are available and sometimes used, though finalizing terms and paperwork may take a little longer.

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